SPARKLED Commercial lighting :provides specific lighting system solutions for commercial places

The so-called commercial lighting mainly serves commercial places and social public places, and provides specific lighting system solutions for commercial places and social public places.
SPARKLED Commercial light of city night
Commercial lighting fixtures are also referred to as commercial lighting in the industry.
With the development of society, commercial lighting has higher requirements for the application of lamps and lanterns. In addition to basic lighting performance, energy-saving performance and decorative performance are also required. The main common lighting products have the following categories.
LED Comercial Light
1. SPARKLED LED Spotlight
LED spotlights have the functions of concentrating light and long-range shooting. They can play the role of key lighting, highlighting the texture, color, and lighting effect of materials of goods and objects. They are common lamps in commercial lighting.
Spotlights are widely used in commercial environments, such as jewelry stores, restaurants, fruit stores, clothing stores, furniture stores, building materials stores, digital stores, automobile 4S stores, gas stations, etc. We can all see the shadow of spotlights.
SPARKLED LED Spotlight Appliance
Spotlights are also widely used in public places, such as subways, stations, airports, hospitals, theaters, libraries, museums, gymnasiums and other public spaces, all of which have a large number of installation applications.
SPARKLED LED Downlight Appliance (2)
The concept of spotlights is also very big, and they are distinguished from different angles and have different concepts.
According to the installation method, it can be divided into track spotlights and straight tube spotlights, embedded spotlights, and surface-mounted spotlights.
SPARKLED LED Spotlight Appliance (2)
Spotlights have different specific application installations in different business environments.
Taking SPARKLED as an example, in terms of R&D and production of spotlights, it has made multiple product plans and built a complete product line of spotlights, which can provide solutions according to the actual situation of customers.

2. LED Downlight
Compared with ordinary lighting fixtures, LED downlights have a certain degree of light concentrating, but they are less concentrating than spotlights. Generally, they are used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting in regional spaces.
LED downlights are widely used in commercial and public places.
Shopping mall scene: For example, it can be installed in commercial environments such as hotels, jewelry stores, jewelry stores, beverage stores, shopping mall corridors, and fruit stores.
SPARKLED LED Downlight Appliance
Public places: downlights are installed in public places such as airports, stations, libraries, administrative centers, offices, etc., and are responsible for floodlighting or general lighting in the regional space.

3. LED Panel Lights
LED panel light is famous for its simple and elegant, sufficient illumination, soft light, and does not occupy space. It is one of the common indoor commercial lighting fixtures.
LED flat panel lights are widely used in public places, such as hospitals, station waiting rooms, libraries, and commercial office buildings. It is also installed in some supermarkets, shops, exhibition centers, and education and training institutions.
SPARKLED LED Panel Light Appliance
Taking the SPARK LED panel light as an example, it has the characteristics of stable quality, energy saving, soft and comfortable light, etc. It is widely used and installed in various commercial lighting projects.
SPARKLED LED Panel Light Appliance

4. LED Light Strip
LED light strip is also one of the common lamps in commercial lighting.
LED light strips are mainly used for auxiliary lighting and decorative lighting. They have many characteristics such as soft body, arbitrary curling, convenient cutting, and strong adaptability.
SPARKLED LED Strip Light Appliance
LED light strips are widely used in commercial scenes, such as hotel rooms, large shopping malls, bars, KTV, shops, beauty centers, etc., and appear in a variety of flexible forms.
SPARKLED LED Strip Light Appliance (2)
In public places, such as science and technology museums, museums, art centers, outdoor buildings, bridges and other night scene decorations.
SPARKLED LED Strip Light Appliance 3

5. Other lamps
In commercial lighting, because of the different environments, other lamps need to be used.
For example, lamps such as floodlights, laminate lights, line lights, wall lights, etc., will not be specifically introduced here. Of course, there are still some more neutral lamps, and it is difficult to define whether it is a commercial lighting fixture or a home lighting fixture.
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Post time: Feb-10-2023