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After the Asian Sepak Takraw Championships in 2023, the lamps and lanterns used during the competition have been dismantled and stored in the warehouse, and will be used again in the next major competition.

Why aren't the "Asian Games Lights" usually used? Wu Zhangbao, the person in charge of the lighting service provider, replied: "Because it's too bright!"

How bright are these lights? Wu Zhangbao said that the LED lights used in our homes are usually 10 watts, but the power of these LED lights has reached 1,500 watts,:high luminous efficacy led flood light、 UFO highbay led industrial、emergency led panel light ... used a lot. A total of 288 lights were installed throughout the venue. You can imagine how bright it is.

led street light 100 watt hangzhou

The TV broadcast needs to be high-definition, and the stadium must be very bright

Why is it so bright in the venue? Because today's TV broadcast has entered the 4K/8K era, if you want to capture the subtle expressions on the athletes' faces and the sweat on their bodies clearly in the camera, the vertical illumination of the scene must reach 2000lx.

Lux (lux, legal symbol lx) is the unit of luminance. When the luminous flux obtained by an object uniformly illuminated by light is 1 lumen on an area of 1 square meter, its illuminance is 1 lux. The illuminance of general household lamps is 200~300lx, and the illuminance suitable for reading is about 500lx.

"We can understand the Asian Games venue during the game as a big studio. How to set up the lighting in the venue is mainly to consider how to take the best picture." Wu Zhangbao said.

The lighting needs of different sports venues are completely different. Venues such as the Water Cube and the Bird's Nest that can undertake major international events need to reach the level of high-definition TV broadcast lighting; most of the city's themed stadiums only need to meet the needs of ordinary TV broadcast lighting; Install lights that are that bright. After the stadium and gymnasium of Jinhua Sports Center become the venues of the Asian Games, it is necessary to purchase lighting fixtures that meet the needs of high-definition TV broadcasting and use them during the games.

Asian Games lighting sparkled floodlights

If you want to be bright and comfortable, there are many ways behind it

LED lights have many advantages, such as energy saving, environmental protection, low electricity costs, durability, long service life, soft light without flickering, rich colors and many shapes... Many venues in the Hangzhou Asian Games used LED lights for lighting, which was an advanced technology at the time. choose.

LED lights with such high illuminance : commercial solar street lights,emergency led panel light,industrial lighting fixtures...... make the lighting design of stadiums more difficult. Wu Zhangbao said that if there is no TV broadcast, athletes prefer an illumination of about 500lx, which is brighter than at home, softer and less glaring. In the case of TV broadcasting, the illumination in the venue is equivalent to that under the sun. If the human eye looks directly at the light, it will feel uncomfortable and appear "glare". At this time, it is necessary to solve the problem through technical means.

In addition to glare, the uniformity of light is also a big problem. Usually, when we walk from a bright place outside to a dark room, we suddenly feel that we can't see anything. If the light on the playing field is bright in some places and dark in other places, when athletes run back and forth between different points, eye discomfort will also occur. Therefore, it is necessary to design the plan in advance, optimize the angle of the floodlight, and make the light on the field as uniform as possible.

The problem of "spill light" also needs to be solved in the stadium. That is, how to let the light hit the field as much as possible, but not outside the field and the auditorium, so as to form a "background difference" (too strong background light will easily affect the TV shooting effect). This also depends on the scientific design of the lighting scheme to achieve.

asian games Waterproof Design Alu. Body Road Light

Blocking "moths to the flame", lighting also has "black technology"

Many people have seen that the led street light fixture are full of small bugs. This is because insects have phototaxis and will instinctively fly to bright places, which is what we usually call "moths to the flame". During the game, if the lights are covered by bugs, it will affect the lighting effect. But the stadium and gymnasium in Jinhua City Sports Center, the lights are clean after the game, and there is no such problem at all. This is because when the company designed the lamps, it removed the color spectrum of light that bugs would like. Therefore, the little bugs will turn a blind eye to these "Asian Games lights" in the venues.

There are still many such "black technologies" in the "Asian Games Lights".

hangzhou asisan games  flooding light

For example, when a lamp emits light, it also generates heat, especially a lamp with such a high power, which usually emits a lot of heat. After an hour of turning on, the lamp will be very hot. If the heat cannot be discharged and accumulated, it will continue to burn the components in the lamp, resulting in a decrease in the service life of the lamp. The "Asian Games Lamp" uses a "welding plug-in technology" to make the total area of the heat sink of each lamp reach about 6 square meters. Even if it is used for several hours, the temperature of the lamp is only a little over 10°C.

Also, the stadium's "Asian Games lights" are used in the open air and will be exposed to the sun and rain. The lights must be able to withstand wet and rainy weather and be resistant to corrosion. This is achieved by special materials.

Lamps also face the problem of "light decay". That is, can the illuminance at the beginning of use be maintained after multiple uses? The promise of the "Asian Games Lights" is that it will not drop significantly within 10 years.

Event guarantee must pay attention to every subtle link, just like SPARKLED’s rigorous attitude towards lighting solutions, we will continue to improve products and services, and provide customers with the best lighting experience in terms of details.

Post time: Aug-25-2023